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SBLR 2023 Results/Review


This year's race showed how refreshing and Vibrant the Scotch Bonnet Light Race is. 29 registrations included 7 first time skippers. Enthusiasm continues to be strong with 22 returning skippers and great club representation from Pultneyville, RYC, Sodus Bay, Fair Haven and Newport Yacht club. The new event date and the Trackers have changed the event from some of its historic traditions, but all seem to agree that the changes are for the better.

This year's event could not have gone better. We would not dare to hope for better weather. It was warm and dry with water temperature around 70. Winds were from the west and north west from 5 to 15 knots. Seemed to vary all the time. It was beautiful sailing the entire race. At night there was some star viewing at times through windows in the clouds.

Thanks to the generous support from Bob Johnson Auto Group, people from around the world were able to watch the boats positions as they made their way around the course, using satellite based YB tracking. This is free to view and no cost to competitors. The number of people viewing it is in the thousands. The race may be reviewed here: 2023 Tracker MAP

The results show a very competitive race.

All division winners were from Pultneyville Yacht Club or Fair Haven Yacht Club.

Eric Matteson from PYC returned with Dulcinea to give us a Multihull division this year and promises there will be more Multihulls next year!

Mike Bianchi from PYC won GO-B division on Rocinante, a Freedom 30.

Phillip MacArthur from FHYC won GO-A on Barrel of Monkeys, a J27. They also won the Stewart Trophy for the Best Corrected Time of the entire Non-Spinnaker Fleet, as well as the Warren Miller “New Issue” Trophy First new skipper to finish on corrected time, Genoa Only course.

Alex LaRue with WAAHUU, a CS-30 returned from PYC to win Spinnaker-B.

The Founder's Cup for the first GYC yacht under 30' LOA on the Spinnaker course went to Nicholas Lang on Siren, a Catalina 270.

Morley Flynn and Lauren Crossett from FHYC and the Sterling Sailing Association are our big winners. After winning at the LO-300 and LYRA this year, they brought their J-92, J-Hawk to win Spinnaker-A, take Line Honors (the Giambra Trophy) as well as best overall time on the Spinnaker Course, the Allen Trophy.

So, two boats from Fair Haven Yacht Club took home 4 of the 6 Scotch Bonnet perpetual Trophies this year!

Pultneyville Yacht Club decisively won the SBLR Ernie Coleman Memorial Trophy to the best performing yacht club in the Scotch Bonnet Light Race. No other club even came close.

The SBLR remains Vibrant. Awesome weather, great racing, incredible performances from visiting racers. The trackers continue to be a huge hit. Everyone had a great time. We hope everyone can join us again August 23, 2024 for the 53rd Scotch Bonnet Light Race.

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SBLR 2023 Results/Review


The Scotch Bonnet Light Race has Real Time On Line Race tracking thanks to:

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YB Tracking is the world leader in satellite based tracking and reporting. Bob Johnson Auto Group's support means there is no additional cost to competitors. Anyone in the world can follow the progress of the race through the internet, as it happens. For more information on this awesome technology see:

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